La Historia

Los Vecinos Guanacos (Los Neighbors) was born September 20, 1994 in Los Angeles, California.

Three young Salvadorian musicians: Roger Paniagua (San Miguel: bass guitar) Arturo Iraheta (San Salvador: drums) and Roberto Flores (Santa Ana: Lead vocal and keyboard, met Paul Hilton (Pomona, California: Lead Guitar).  They started playing in local night clubs such as La Sierra, Zona Rosa, Leonardos, El Cafetal, and Club Tropical.

In 1995 they started to write their own songs and the following year released their first album: Saludos. Radio Centro America began to play the album and ‘Que Le den Merengue’ become a hit single. Their video was played in El Salvador de Cerca (Salvadorian T.V in LosAngeles). Other singles like ‘Cum-Sal’, and ‘La Primera Vez’  became regional hits in the local Salvadorian community.

In 1998 Roberto Flores, left the band and was replaced by Jaime Martinez (San Salvador: Keyboards and lead vocal). In the year 2000 the band also added vocalist Nancy Hernandez.

In the same year the band recorded a CD of popular cumbia hits in Los Vecinos own style. The CD has become very popular and sold well in the U.S. and El Salvador.

The band composes music that tells the stories of Salvadorians living in the USA “La Cumbia de los Cheros”, “Gabacho Cumbia”, “Pollito Deshuesado”, “Tu mi Gran Amor”, reflect the art, creativity and happiness of Salvadorians living outside the motherland.

Los Neighbors dedicates a percentage of each album sale to help the needy in El Salvador.