Los Neighbors Vocalist Angie Martinez


The featured vocalist of the group. Has many years of experience as a session vocalist in Los Angeles and now is performing live with ‘Los Neighbors’. This talented lady can sing beautiful Spanish and English ballads to uptempo tunes with ease. Sure to add a beautiful voice to your next party or special event.

Roger Paniagua Los Neighbors Bassist


Roger is one of the founding members of the band. Born in El Salvador he grew up listening to local radio and a wide range of music from classical to rock and roll. In addition to playing bass, Roger also is a featured vocalist. Roger is the one to call when you need information regarding pricing, scheduling and any other info you may need. References always available on request.

Paul Hilton Los Neighbors Guitarist


The lone Gabacho in the band. Paul is one of the most sought after session guitarists in Los Angeles. Paul grew up studying classical music, loved rock and roll but soon became fascinated with latin rhythms. If you need a rock song by the ‘Doors’ Paul is the one to perform it for you. He can add a beautiful solo to any song

Roberto Flores Los Neighbors Singer and Keyboardist


Another founding member of Los Neighbors. Roberto was also born in El Salvador and is the keyboardist and featured male vocalist of the band. When Roberto sings a love ballad he has been known to bring tears to the audience. He sings with love and passion and can perform the latest Latin hits and also the old time Spanish standards the older folks love. 

Pedro Flores Los Neighbors Drummer


Pedro is the son of Roberto Flores and the all important beat and rhythm of the band.  An accomplished drummer and percussionist, equally at home with the classics and also with contemporary beats. Pedro will keep your friends and relatives on the dance floor all night.